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Current Initiatives

CGE Members can choose Current Programs or Global Areas of Interest to meet campus goals for globalization. Members participate in academic and sharing opportunities in more than 80 strategically targeted nations.

+ Liverpool Hope University in Liverpool, UK (Member)                   

+ LCC International University in Klaipeda, Lithuania (Member)

+ Universite Catholique l`Ouest in Angers, France (Member)

+ John Cabot University in Rome, Italy (Partner)

+ Payap University in Chiang Mai, Thailand (Partner)

+ Griffiths College in Dublin, Ireland (Partner)

+ Sripatum University in Bangkok, Thailand (Member)

+ Yanbian University in Yanji, China (Member)

  • CGE site visit trips to strategic locations that create a Global Impact and are sustainable with local university and international school partners: China, France, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, and South Korea. 

  • AmeriStudy, CGE's international recruiting effort, assists qualified students in selecting a CGE member university or college as their best fit for study in America. Eleven CGE members are piloting the program with a beginning focus on students from South Korea, China and India.

  • CGE Study Abroad signature opportunities in Angers; CGE/CAPA programs in Buenos Aires, Dublin, Florence, London, Shanghai, and Sydney; and CGE/SAI partner programs in Rome are becoming increasingly popular. Faculty visits and credit courses for students are available for many of these locations.

  • Language Study Abroad programs include Arabic in Amman, Jordan; Mandarin in Xi’an, China; and French at the Univ. Catholique l`Ouest in Angers, France.

  • CGE Initiatives in addressing global needs: Syrian refugee schools in Lebanon and Jordan, and Community center programs for special needs assistance in Ireland and Lebanon.


To learn more about any of these initiatives,

please send an email to or call 770-321-4897.

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