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CGE and CAPA International sign Affiliate Agreement
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CGE and CAPA International signed CGE Affiliate Agreement.  Learn more about the initiated CGE and CAPA locations for Study Abroad in the CGE Study Abroad section on the website.

CGE is pleased after a two year pilot between Anderson University and the CAPA Sydney location to finalize an affiliate agreement.  CGE member universities will be able to participate with CGE CAPA study abroad programs at a CGE rate and allow students to stay enrolled in their own campuses, received credit transcription, and benefit from studying together with other CGE students.

The CAPA Sydney program has been a hallmark program for Anderson University now in their 3rd year.  Dr. Jane Cahaly has served as the Director of the Anderson Sydney CGE program for three years through a contracted program with CAPA.  As at least 25 students have participated in the Fall semester program in Sydney, Anderson faculty have also served as local faculty and mentors.  The Sydney program is unique for CGE in that an internship is available thus providing an added benefit to CGE's goals of integrating career and life skills. For more information contact Dr. Jane Cahaly at

Mercer University began the initiation of the Beijing program with CAPA and continues to support students wanting to study Mandarin and engage in cultural courses and internship. This program has been new to CAPA and continue to grow.  For additional information contact Dr. Erik Spears at

During this year, CGE has begun the initiation of both Florence, Buenos Aires, and Istanbul as CGE CAPA study abroad locations.  For more information on these sites please email questions to