CGE Internships

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CGE welcomes you to our Internship program in conjunction with CGE Study Abroad opportunities. In preparing for your future within a profession or ministry, your experience gained through study abroad and intern work is priceless! CGE is committed to helping you find the right placements and will provide a well-structured support system to aid in your success.

Note: CGE will also utilize information from your study abroad application. If you have not already submitted your study abroad application, please do so HERE and email it to before continuing with the internship application below:

CGE Internship Application (you must download and save the document before filling it out. Once it is saved on your computer, please fill in info, save again, then include in email to, along with other internship materials).

For questions, please contact the CGE office at or 770-321-4897

CGE/CAPA Internships

CGE offers special value and a discounted cost to students at CGE member universities and colleges through our study abroad programs with CAPA International Education and their Global Cities programs. Several of these CAPA locations also offer incredible internship opportunities. Click on each city below to learn more about this internship location:




To learn more about our CGE/CAPA Study Abroad opportunities, click here.