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CGE engages in Global Education for academic excellence producing global citizens who use their knowledge and skills to serve and share for significant impact in nations and communities. For close to 30 years, CGE has facilitated leadership, faculty and students to seek opportunities in more than 80 nations. 

CGE supports the goal for an overseas experience for every faculty and student across every discipline. MEMBERS gain from Annual Meetings, Partnerships, International Recruiting and Study Abroad; FACULTY participate in speaker opportunities, overseas classroom teaching options, conferences, and faculty-led study trips; STUDENTS find strategic selections for short term and semester study abroad programs, scholarships, and specific field studies/culture trips; while PARTNERS join in certificate and support programs, sharing educational networks in key locations as we all together address critical global education issues.




New Summer Study Opportunity in Rome!
Thanks to the CGE/SAI partnership, students can earn credits and a Global Christian Leadership Certificate through a new summer study opportunity at John... Read More

Teachers and Staff Needed!
For more than 25 years, the International Schools of China (ISC) has taught children of expatriates working for multi-national companies located in China.... Read More

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