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Welcome to the EdEx Exchange, where CGE EdEx Exchange Participants and our EdEx Needs Partners overseas match overseas interets in service with overseas educational opportunities.

EdEx facilitates faculty, teachers and educators with the ability to respond to short or long term overseas opportunities: 

  • a teaching opportunity overseas; short term, semester, sabbatical

  • a training or conference session(s) on specific educational topics, curriculum, methodolgoy, best practices etc.

  • a workshop about special skill areas or needs for a specific target audience - classroom, school, community


EdEx Exchange  applying for sharing skills: Fill in this short application to help us connect you with an overseas opportunity. Your entries into the database will share your expertise and availability. You will be sent locations and needs that match your criteria.


Overseas Partners wanting to share their needs:  Fill in this short application and contact us directly to receive more information and make your opportunities active on the database. You will be sent names of teachers and educators to contact that match your criteria.



1. an EdEx Exchange Application identifies qualified and internationally-minded faculty, teachers and educators who are interested in becoming part of a resource pool for CGE's overseas partners to find assistance for training, workshops, lectures, etc. The information becomes a part of a new CGE member international EdEx Skills database, sharing information to the EdEx Needs Partners for short-term and long-term teaching and/or lecturing opportunities overseas.

2. an EdEx Needs Partner application identifies needs and provides a description of the locale, logistics and timing. The information becomes a part of the new CGE member international Ed Ex Needs databasse, sharing information so that EdEx Exchange Participants can contact that Partner.

Most educators who have gone overseas to teach, share, or assist with school programs in other nations - always learn much themselves to take back to their own classroom or work! 

For questions or contact, please call the CGE office at 770-321-4897 or by sending an email to

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