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A Heart and Light Story: Syrian Student Refugees

IN JORDAN & LEBANON, more than 1.8 million Syrian school-age students are stranded as refugees in border camps. CGE is working with Lebanese leaders to accommodate students in schools (many are using local church buildings vacant during the week), and to find and facilitate qualified teachers for classroom groups. CGE proposes to build a “concrete” and  “internet” classroom connection for qualified experts from CGE campuses and communities to partner with Syrian student refugees. CGE faculty returned from visits to Lebanon and Jordan with a heart moving story of turning the “light” back on for learning. The numbers are overwhelming yet one life touched is changing hope into reality for that child.

SHARING the story to volunteer groups on your campus will raise awareness and build a network of educators and students for meaningful involvement. GOAL: a list of 100 names per CGE Member campus who daily pledge to pray for these refugee students and their families and the locals helping them.

GIVING from the "heart: by at least one volunteer group committed to raise funds for student and classroom needs and bare necessities as they face survival each day. GOAL: to raise $800 per CGE Member campus.

MOBILIZING university faculty and students to go on site visits sponsored by CGE and local partners. GOAL: to provide 2 windows of site visits in 2016 for a groups from participating CGE Member campuses to help in a student project and to share light at the refugee "school" sites in Lebanon or Jordan.

CGE challenges each Member campus to select one student organization to take up this plight of Syrian student refugees. Contact for more information.

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