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Starlight: CGE Helps Students with Learning Differences

In many cultures, students with special learning needs have few or no learning environments that accommodate their needs. Many drop out of school and are placed in institutions. However, with teacher training and structuring special programs CGE faculty experts and professional colleagues have helped needy students. Success is measured as they express themselves and grow skills for learning, living, and working. 

Rebecca had failed 3 times in school placements due to her inability to communicate socially. Her options in a coastal city in Ireland seem limited, leading to an institutional life ahead. When she visited “The Farm”, she surprised the director and everyone when she spoke up and asked about their rabbits. Now she works as a caregiver and verbally expresses “rabbit stories” to visitors. Her success allowed a move with her mother to a special learning and living setting. CGE’s sharing of expertise can help more students become contributing members in this partner community. 

Students all over Lebanon have gained recognition for their achievements in special education programs through a school-generated program called SKILD – Smart Kids with Individual Learning Differences. Their whole student approach works with schools, parents, and communities to show how the nation gains value as each child grows into a contributing citizen. Imagine the joy of a nation and parents when those children who seemed lost are found!


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