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CGE's Study Abroad programs CONNECT you will exciting overseas locations!

CGE's Global Connections Study Abroad (GCSA) programs provide strong academic programs and service learning opportunities in key locations around the world. Additionally, in cooperation with CAPA International Education, CGE has structured study abroad programs to benefit students looking for an integrative program in 7 Global Cities. Internship opportunities may also be available if selecting a study program in Sydney, Dublin, Florence or London.

Students can enroll with their own campus international study abroad program and benefit from home campus support and CGE logistical support. If you are interested in any of CGE's Study Abroad programs, please send an email to  


Buenos Aires, Argentina (CGE/CAPA) Global Cities

Sydney, Australia (CGE/CAPA)

Beijing, China (CGE/CAPA) Global Cities

Liverpool, England (CGE) Hope

London, England (CGE/CAPA) Global Cities 

Angers, France (CGE)

Thessaloniki, Greece (CGE)

Amman, Jordan (CGE) Semester

               (CGE) Summer 

Florence, Italy (CGE/CAPA) Global Cities

Dublin, Ireland (CGE/CAPA) Global Cities                     

Klapeida, Lithuania (CGE)

Bangkok, Thailand (CGE)

Istanbul,Turkey (CGE/CAPA) Global Cities