2008 CGE Annual Meeting

Hosted by Anderson University located in Anderson, SC

CGE member universities and college met at Anderson University, September 26-27, 2008.  Highlights of the meeting included the moving presentation by Nabil Costa at the Friday evening banquet and the challenging presentations during the Plenary Sessions and sharing during the workshops.  Guests included a delegation from Beijing, Qingdao, in China and individuals from Jordan and Korea.

CGE appreciates the gracious hosting led by Dr. Evans Whitaker, President of Anderson University and Dr. Jane Cahaly, the International Director.  Every attendee enjoyed the efficient signage and the delicious food for breaks and meals. Many faculty joined in the planning and welcomed each attendee with a personalized registration and packet.  It was truly one of the best CGE meetings!!

Workshops at the Anderson University meeting highlighted six topics with each member having two opportunities for Workshop participation:

    CGE Summer study Abroad Programs. (Arabic and Mandarin) These programs are targeted for language learning and use within a wide range of global application focusing on the student’s major academic study area.

    CGE Student and Program Outcome Assessments.  A targeted discussion lead by experienced administrators who will provide ideas for concrete value added components to benefit the international program and campus life.

    CGEWorld Introductory Certificate Programs.  A session for information sharing on CGEWorld successes in Italy and Indonesia and future partnerships that may be arranged through CGE and America's Friendship Force.

    CGE Recruiting Efforts.  Increasingly CGE has been asked to link entities and individual institutions with CGE member universities and colleges.  Models for this will be presented and discussed. Overseas entities will represent their proposals.

    CGE's Middle East Initiative for Student Learning.  Several CGE member school Education Departments have been engaged in a strategic K-12 private school project with Samford University serving as the CGE flagship school. Overseas schools in Lebanon (9 evangelical and 7 to be added) led in the rapid growth of this program and have now involved Jordan (1), Tunisia (1), and the Holy Land (4). A web site program will be introduced and educators will be enlisted as educational experts to partner with more than twenty overseas K-12 partners.

    CGE Ethnic Studies and Research Opportunities.  Students and Faculty can engage in research through CGE’s international ethno studies program with ICES (International Center for Ethnographic Studies).  Opportunities will be presented for study and research opportunities and submitting publications to their Ehtnostudies Journal.

The 2009 CGE Annual Meeting will be held at Dallas Baptist University on September 23-25, 2009.