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CGE Members can participate in the Exchange Visitor J-1 visa program through SEVIS for either the Professor category or Short Term Scholar category.  CGE university and college members benefit from Exchange Visitors coming in areas of teaching faculty, research collaboration, or higher education areas: languages, sciences, environment, pharmacy, architecture etc. Contact CGE at to expand your faculty and course offerings while maintaining program budgets.

Overseas Faculty and Post-graduates can apply through CGE for placement at one of the American member campuses by contacting and providing a CV and contact information. Programs can be applied for within the Professor category (6 months up to several years) or the Short Term Scholar category (3 weeks to 6 months). Upon initial review, application forms will be provided as CGE members respond to initial Exchange Visitor interests. 


For more information, please click on the links below:

J-1 Professor
J-1 Short-Term Scholar