About CGE

The Consortium for Global Education (CGE) is a non-profit global organization with a membership of accredited American private universities and colleges with consortium member campuses, located in more than 23 USA states and 6 nations, are equally committed to quality programs of international education. Affiliate members represent key national universities worldwide. Each member of the consortium is committed to a high value of quality academic education and supports the internationalization of higher education through student and faculty global participation.

Eight founding member university presidents met in 1987 to investigate how administrators, faculty and students could strategically make a global impact on international education through learning, service and sharing professional expertise in higher education. Currently, more than 43 consortium members represent approximately 124,000 undergraduate students and more than 7,000 full-time faculty.

CGE supports global development in education with educators and students in nations that have a common vision for increasing student learning and a global worldview. CGE project participants combine research-based practices with an educator's passion for sharing skillful expertise overseas.

Since their formation, CGE has helped provide a global footprint for member institutions within a global network with key universities in at least 80 nations, representing Africa, East Asia, Central Asia, Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia.  Every year, CGE assists hundreds of faculty members and thousands of students to participate in CGE-related overseas study, service and teaching programs that include:

  •     University and school partnerships
  •     Professional on-line training for faculty and teachers
  •     Workshops and lecture series
  •     Exchanges for faculty and students
  •     International conferences and forums
  •     Summer study programs
  •     Collaborative research

CGE member universities and colleges have become a gateway to the world for American educators and professionals who provide access to educational venues in countries desiring quality education, global stability, professional and economic development and civil societies.  As global issues force a measured and well-planned response for international participation, CGE is well positioned to foster integrative educational partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

Information Clearinghouse

CGE receives and disseminates information concerning the involvement of all member bodies in international education and opportunities for educational services and exchanges. CGE News Bulletin is published and provided to full-time and adjuct faculty, staff and interested supporters.

Catalyst for International Programs

CGE helps to establish and enhance educational programs in international settings. It has organized trips for groups of representatives of member institutions to investigate new opportunities for exchange programs.

Quality Control Advisor

With CGE assistance, participating institutions may develop and maintain quality control mechanisms for all instruction, research and public service activities related to the work of the consortium.

Channel for Obtaining Resources

CGE helps obtain appropriate human, financial, and other resources needed to respond to opportunities for educational involvement in international contexts. Members report that the CGE relationship has assisted institutional fund-raising efforts.

Coordinator for Joint Educational Goals

The consortium facilitates the cooperative pooling of resources for meeting educational needs that cannot be met by individual member institutions. Together, they develop international programs of a quality and magnitude equal to those of the best U.S. universities.