Academics In Asia

Academics in Asia represents Sias University - the first American-owned university in Central China. Sias employs more than 120 international teachers who have a unique opportunity to teach eager Chinese students and learn the Chinese university systems.


Interested in teaching for Sias University in China? Sias hires foreign faculty to teach either Academic courses or Freshman Oral English. View Job Openings in China here. .

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China Visa Update

China will reopen its borders to tourists and resume issuing all visas Wednesday, March 15, 2023.

Foreigners holding visas issued before March 28, 2020, that are still valid will be allowed to enter China. Visa-free entry will resume for foreigners entering Guangdong in southern China from Hong Kong and Macao.

The notice didn’t specify whether vaccination certificates or negative COVID-19 tests would be required. Pre-boarding antigen testing is available instead of nucleic acid testing.


Discovery Camp at Sias University - July 3-10, 2023



Founded in 1991, University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific is an association of higher education institutions and relevant government and NGO partners in the Asia-Pacific region. UMAP strives to facilitate greater understanding among member countries or territories of each others’ cultural, economic, and social systems through collaborative partnerships and the increased mobility of university students and staff.


As a member of the University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP), Sias enables its students and faculty members can participate in a wide range of flexible public exchange programs offered by over 600 member institutions of the UMAP.


Currently, the Director of Sias University's Office of International Affairs (OIA), Yue Junliang, is the UMAP National Secretariat for China. 

Junliang Yue  MBA, MA.Ed.

Director, Office of International Affairs

Sias University

168 Renmin Rd., Xinzheng, Henan 451150



UMAP Website

Summer 2024 CGE-SIAS Trip

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Learn more about a Mintegrity Internship with Academics in Asia at Sias University's campus.

Sias University Introduction

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Sias University plans to hire 50 new teachers for Fall 2023.

SIAS is in rebuild mode. Here's how you can help:

* Refer Seniors/Alumni to teach

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* Inquire about leading a group of students to our campus May-June 2024


* Sabbatical Semester - welcome to do research or teach at our campus

* Invite Sias students or Chinese faculty to study at your school

* Offer discounted tuition for our faculty/students to study online at your school

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Donate to the SIAS Teacher Recruitment Project [see below]

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Download the Opportunity flier to learn more about the job openings, hiring timeline, requirements, and the benefits of teaching at Sias University.

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Scholarship info
Our teachers qualify for scholarships to complete an online Master’s degree programs from our partner universities while teaching at Sias University. Teachers can choose between MA TESOL, MS Education, MA Intercultural Studies, MS Special Education, MS Non-profit leadership, MBA, PhD programs or take a semester off from teaching to study full-time Mandarin language and culture studies at Sias University! Learn about our programs here:

Applying with Academics in Asia in 7 Steps: Learn More

Applying with Academics in Asia in 7 Steps: Learn More
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Aaron Vorbau
Transition to Asia Consultant

Aaron grew up in Bay Area, California. His father worked as a pilot for commercial airlines and from a young age, Aaron began traveling globally. While attending Cal Poly (SLO) he volunteered as a youth mentor and currently spends his free time serving through internship and mentorship programs. He met Rachael in 2007 shortly after both of them completed their MA degrees and within a year they were married and moved to China. They now have four children who consider Peter Hall faculty housing their “home” even though they are on the road 6+ months of the year outside of China. I am in the US for 5 months of the year during the Winter to connect in person. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Donate to SIAS Teacher Recruitment Project - 
$30,000 per year is needed to keep this project running. This fund will help with the cost of operation outside of China as Academics In Asia networks among CGE schools. Donors will be sent quarterly updates.


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