Meet The President


Dr. Carolyn Bishop was elected President of the Consortium for Global Education, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia in 2002. She leads in supporting the international efforts of more than 42 accredited American colleges and universities and their 241 overseas partnerships involving more than 80 countries. Her areas of expertise include professional development, international program and curriculum development, teacher training, online courses, and enhancing faculty and student global opportunities.

Over the years, Dr. Bishop has served on the boards of international schools and organizations. Annually, she coordinates educational conferences and workshops in Asia and the Middle East. She speaks on CGE campuses annually to share a global perspective and to stimulate interest in international relationships. Through CGE, she works with the presidents, provosts and faculties of affiliate institutions to promote the international visits, the internationalization of higher education, collaboration between U.S. universities and their overseas counterparts, and faculty-student exchanges. Through CGE’s work in diverse nations, she promotes professional training programs for officials and educational leaders, study abroad for students, and teaching opportunities overseas that are based on quality academic experiences, mutual benefit, and respect for values and cultures.

Dr. Carolyn Bishop