AmeriStudy Skill Development Certificate Programs

Short Courses for Skills Upgrade and Certification

CERTIFICATION COURSES - Customized to address requested subject matter for desired outcomes

INSTRUCTORS - University professors and practitioners in the content area lead certification courses

VISA - CGE provides short term scholar visa for the period of the certification course

COST - Depends on factors such as location, length of course, additional activities, etc. Proposal costs to include:

1. Meals

2. Lodging

3. Local transportation

4. Special activities designed for program

5. Cost of visa

6. Other as requested

faculty lecture with adult studnets
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chalkboard disuccsion group

AmeriStudy works with our member universities to customize courses that offer skills upgrade through short programs taught by faculty members and leading experts in the related field.

Courses are typically taught during the summer break when professors’ schedules are more flexible and space on campus is available for visitors who wish to gain certification.

Courses may be designed to meet needs in the areas of:

• Business

• Public Administration

• Education

• Healthcare

• Sports Administration

• Others as requested

Typical certification programs range from 3 to 6 weeks and could include:

• Classroom lectures by university faculty

• Guests lectures by experts in the area of study

• Field trips to related facilities in the region

• Team projects

Following successful completion of the course, a certificate is awarded jointly by CGE/AmeriStudy and the university offering the specific content.

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