CGE Affiliate Membership

CGE Affiliate Members Collage

CGE Affiliate Members support the goals of CGE to promote closer cooperation and active participation in CGE programs and activities. CGE membership applications are welcomed by the CGE Board and Executive Committee. CGE memberships of private American accredited universities and colleges are voted on by the Board of Directors. Affiliate members, primarily overseas universities, are voted on by the Executive Committee.

Member universities and colleges agree to offer quality international academic experiences for faculty and students through the integration of service and sharing.

CGE Board Members acknowledge and respect that many partner universities and entities may not meet all or some of the three criteria for voting membership:

1) are not registered USA institutions

2) do not yet meet the standards of one of the main accreditation groups in the USA

3) may not be recognized as a Christian university or college. Affiliate members participate in selected CGE membership benefits.

Affiliate members agree to work within the guidelines of CGE for the purpose of growing international programs that provide a mutual benefit to the consortia members and other participating partners.

The Benefits of CGE Membership can add value to your campus international programs and to your global footprint. Learn more by reading about the Criteria for CGE Affiliate Membership.

Get started by filling out an Affiliate Member Application.

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