Study Abroad

CGE's Study Abroad programs CONNECT you with exciting overseas locations!

CGE's Global Study Abroad programs provide strong academic programs and service learning opportunities in key locations around the world. Check out the programs in Argentina, Australia, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Lithuania, Spain, and the UK.

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Students can enroll with their own campus international study abroad program and benefit from home campus support and CGE logistical support. If you are interested in any of CGE's Study Abroad programs, please send an email to and put Study Abroad in the subject line.

What are the main benefits for CGE's study abroad programs

Easy credit transcription, safe locations, and integrating career and life skills

CGE benefits students by focusing on partner universities and key educational groups worldwide to structure strategic study abroad programs for students to gain academic value, cultural understanding, and service or internship opportunities.

    Earn credit in courses suited to your study needs.

    Embrace a new culture in strategic locations all over the world.

    Build life-long friendships.

    Add to your portfolio with community service opportunities.

    Gain professional experience in participating study abroad locations.

    Study in a safe environment.

Barcelona, Spain (CGE/CEA CAPA)

Sydney, Australia (CGE/CEA CAPA)

Liverpool, England (CGE/Liverpool Hope University)

London, England (CGE/CEA CAPA)

Thessaloniki, Greece (CGE/American College of Thessaloniki) 

Amman, Jordan (CGE/ CGE Arabic Study Center)

Florence, Italy (CGE/CEA CAPA)

Rome, Italy (CGE/John Cabot University)

Dublin, Ireland (CGE/CEA CAPA)                

Klaipeda, Lithuania (CGE/LCC International University)

Paris, France (CGE/CEA CAPA)

Buenos Aires, Argentina (CGE/CEA CAPA)