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CGE has a wealth of research interests germane to each member university and college.  CGE's Research Institute creates a collaboration between faculty and students on topics from all disciplines that include an international component.  A centralized research approach appeals to research interests shared by member institutions and in collaboration with global colleagues.  

Each year topics are announced with a Schedule and Call for Papers.  

The Research Institute operates through the voluntary assistance of CGE faculty and leadership. The research institute director and advisory board reports to the membership at the annual meeting.

CGE is pleased to announce that the first Research Institute Director is Dr. Jeffrey Moore, full-time professor of Management at Anderson University.

CGE members provide assistance and facilitate events and discussions that encourage and support quality research. Anderson University's president, Dr. Evans Whitaker, and his staff are providing a "loading site" for CGE Research Institute papers.  

If you are a CGE faculty member or CGE partner representative and are interested in being on the review board for papers submitted please contact Dr. Jeffrey Moore at

Research Protocol Document available for faculty and students

Research Protocol Document

Research Topics announced for 2021

University student leadership and values development -  to study leadership and values and the influences of education that impact professional and personal development for undergraduate and graduate students.

Integration of people with disabilities and leadership - to investigate specificities of hiring people with disabilities in the workplace. Research the impact of inclusive teams on team members, managers, and organizational cultures.

International education studies - to engage research that expands CGE member faculty and student research across various disciplines to include faculty involvement and site locations from other nations in the data gathering and management of the research.

International Peace Building - to collaborate with researchers nationally and internationally for papers and data gathering that increase our learning and understanding of the threads that keep building peace and the threats that can erode the relationships between nations and peoples.

Social Justice and Community Development - to work with researchers nationally and internationally to create healthy redemptive community solutions.

Submissions: If you have an abstract to submit for a Paper or Roundtable  - contact Dr. Jeffrey Moore at or call him at 864-322-3088. Proposals are due August 10th, 2021. Abstracts are extended to September 10th, 2021. Dr. Moore will arrange for your name to be approved at this link so you can upload your abstract and paper.


Details for the Abstract and Papers can be found HERE at "RESEARCH INSTITUTE CALL FOR PAPERS"

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CGE Research Institute Leadership

Director:  Dr. Jeffrey Moore - serves as a full-time professor of management at Anderson University, SC.  Raised in Europe he received his PhD from the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis.  His dissertation was on the role of the consultant in Eastern Europe during the late 1990’s. He authored book chapters on university business student moral development, culture transformation through employing people with disabilities, and creating transparent organizational cultures.  He has published in AMLE and ODJ. In partnership with a team of researchers they won the only best paper award at the 2019 International Dutch Human Resource Management Network.  In 2015 they won the AOM Management Consulting 2015 Award: Outstanding Scholar-Practitioner Collaboration. Over the past 20 years they have worked with manufacturing companies on organizational transformation through leadership development and with distribution centers on leveraging their inclusive teams.  They are the only researchers working with Sephora and Walgreens to study their inclusive teams.