Mintegrity Internships

Mintegrity is a network of university students who desire leadership, career, cultural intelligence and person growth development opportunities. Young professionals are equipped with the tools to become global influencers. 

Mintegrity internships began in 2014 with 10 Chinese University students serving in 5 start-up expat-led companies in Western China. Our partnership with CGE is opening up Mintegrity internships to International Interns from America to join with our Chinese interns. The first summer will be 2022!



2024 Summer Marketing Internships

Marketing interns will work together to assist Academics in Asia (AIA) and Mintegrity in producing, organizing, and creating marketing material. The individual will assume responsibility for producing marketing material while collaborating with other colleagues. This role allows the individual to apply principles from their university courses to their professional skill development in the field of marketing.


Overview of AIA Marketing Intern Responsibilities:

There are 2 positions that allow the interns to interact with the Chinese and international students at Sias University in order to glean testimonials and highlights of foreign faculty impact on their educational experience. The interns may assist the AIA on projects by collecting, organizing, and analyzing relevant data; developing & compiling materials for use on social media platforms (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, etc…), so as to expand and grow the Academics in Asia brand. The individuals will be provided a scorecard on their performance with a reference upon their departure from their internship.
  • Attend weekly meetings and present personal progress toward the objectives set forth from the AIA leaders
  • Assist in collecting, organizing, analyzing, & applying data to AIA marketing strategies
  • Create and design content for AIA marketing campaigns to inform teacher candidates about the highlights of life & work in China (photos, videos, interviews, flyers, etc…)
  • Utilize various social media strategies to improve marketing engagement among the designated target market
  • Research techniques and trends for building a first-class social media presence among the desired target market
  • Identify multiple social media competitors & influencers that speak to AIA’s target market




  • 5-12 Weeks Internships are Available (preferred dates May-July)
  • Flexible Start Dates (Ideal dates are May 24 to July 2). 
  • Hours: 32-40 hours per week. 8 hours per day 4-5 days per week.

What Interns Receive:

  • Learn the best practices of marketing
  • Increase your intercultural communication skill
  • Work with an international team
  • Chinese Language Tutors (optional)
  • Attain International References (written letter and LinkedIn reference upon completion)
  • Build your Resume/CV
If interested please send your resume to:

Adaptable Job Duties based on Abilities

Any degree/background can apply. 
We want to put you in your strengths/passions for most of the internship. Those with the following skills are encouraged to apply and let us know that is your passion/skill.


If interested please send your CV to: