2009 CGE Annual Meeting

Hosted by Dallas Baptist University located in Dallas, TX


This 22nd CGE Annual Meeting, Sept 23-25, hosted by Dallas Baptist University provided meaningful content to attendees and honored strategic overseas guests. Their attendance enhanced our ability to understand the impact that CGE has gained through our CGE faculty and students and with overseas partnerships.

The workshops service current CGE issues. Topics included outcomes for international programs, study abroad approaches for CGE member students, recruiting international students and study opportunities for international students, and educational partnerships in key areas of the world.

DBU's President, Gary Cook, welcomes all the CGE attendees and hosted the Banquet with a delicious dinner and wonderful musical presentations by DBU students. Another highlight was a luncheon where the international students attending DBU shared some information with each table of CGE guests. Everyone commented on the participation of those students!!

Minister, Dasho Karma Ura, from Bhutan spoke at the banquet hosted by DBU. CGE participants cooperated with the the Bhutanese Festival in Thimpu this past summer. CGE has assisted, Steve Evans from India, for 2 years in research efforts to open opportunities in Bhutan. UNICEF states that Bhutan is one of the few nations that have success in all aspects of help for their citizens.@@ Dasho Ura is a highly educated man, displays a calm personality, and is a treasure to his nation. He respects CGE's professional work and faith values and gave us a very warm address that highlighted their culture and current issues for Bhutan. He welcomed CGE's continuing participation for continue projects with the Bhutanese Center for Research.

Don Gardner, from China, led discussions on cooperation in South China with schools owned by a Hong Kong business executive who was Don's student at Hong Kong Baptist University. Don will be moving to Chongqing and working with the Foreign Trade and Business College to set up a summer 2010 American Culture Program. CGE faculty were enlisted to teach in that program and their new program in Guilin for 3 weeks in July.

Norma Nichols from Yangji China and Yanbian University will report on the new opening of the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology in North Korea. A CGE delegation is going for the dedication (I will be there next week with Ron Ellis, Mark Wyatt, and Chuck Sands).@ Norma is a CGE colleague.

Nabil Costa from Lebanon spoke about the coalition of 14 Christian K-12 schools which are transforming the quality of education in their country in cooperation with the Ministry of Education. @Muslim leaders have asked them to put one of their schools in the south in the middle of their villages, as they want this education for their children.@ Some CGE member schools seemed to respond well in committing to send skilled faculty next year for continued training conferences.

Jin Shu, director of the Bo Hua hospital in Jilin, northeast China attended. CGE had provided that hospital with a CT scan, from a special grant, to enhance their cardiology specialty. Samford University cooperates by sending training and student groups during the summer. Jin Shu operates this private hospital that services the city and surrounding small rural areas.

Chinda Tejavanija, Dean of the International College, from Bangkok represented Sripatum University as they are leading CGE programs for training in education and business. She works with our CGE colleague, Tim Owens, who many CGEers have worked with in Bangkok. The International College signed a Memorandum of Understanding with CGE that opens the door for new cooperation and the establishment of a CGE hub in Thailand that will support projects all over SE Asia.