2017 CGE Annual Meeting

30th Anniversary-Global Education: Unity, Significance, Success

The 30th Annual Meeting is being held September 13-15, 2017 hosted by Anderson University in Anderson, SC. CGE members, colleagues and guests will meet to share challenges and successes from their programs engaging in international education. CGE is unified in moving forward for the next few decades and will cast new vision as we consider the challenges of overseas speakers, organizational leaders, CGE Presidents and leaders, and all attendees.  A special thank you is given to Dr. Evans P. Whitaker, President of Anderson University for inviting CGE this year.

OVER 30 YEARS, CGE has represented a high quality of academic excellence and a sincere commitment to Christian values. Each member has integrated seamlessly with their significant outreach to university communities in many nations. In this 30th year, CGE has looked back to the beginning university partnerships in China and Kazakhstan and the newly emerging significant programs in the UK, France, Italy, Lithuania, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, China, India, Australia, South Korea, Japan, and other nations.

2017 annual meeting