Handong Global University

Handong Global University is a private Christian university located in Pohang, Korea, founded with the mission of educating global leaders with the capacity to change the world through integrity, neighborly love, and a spirit of service in Christ. For this purpose, Handong Global University provides a comprehensive program that integrates faith, character, and academic education.

The Ministry of Education of Korea has officially recognized Handong Global University as a Higher Education institution with accreditation of the ‘2023 International Education Quality Assurance System’, providing bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctorate degrees programs. In all departments, over 40% of major courses are taught in English, while programs such as Information Technology, US and International Law, Global Management, and Global Convergence Studies are entirely conducted in English. The university has also been involved in various international initiatives, having been selected as a UNESCO-UNITWIN host university and a global hub university by UN Academic Impact.

Based on the firm belief that God is the source of truth, all members of the Handong community endeavor to integrate their faith and learning. In addition to having Christian courses as a core part of the curriculum, classes incorporate the Biblical worldview to elucidate their subject matter—from mechanical engineering to linguistics. And through academically rigorous programs, students are educated with the skills necessary to serve as highly qualified professionals.

Handong Global University has a thriving international community of over 240 students from more than 50 countries. By 2040, Handong Global University plans to have 50% of the student and faculty body consist of those from international backgrounds.

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