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Enroll to experience Arabic culture with Jordanian hospitality -  10 weeks and shorter Summer Options Available.  

CGE Global Connections offers a summer program for a 10-week (4 weeks and 6 weeks) Arabic Studies program in Amman, Enrollment can be also for Summer I or Summer II sessions.  Students will study in Jordan and, as needed, receive their transcript from an accredited university with SACS. This incredible study opportunity is open to all CGE Member institutions as well as non-CGE partnering institutions.

FULL SUMMER SEMESTER (12 weeks): This Arabic studies program consists of two, six-hour courses entitled Contemporary Arabic I & Contemporary Arabic II 

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Note: Click on the links to view the syllabi for each course. For additional information and updates.


(Summer 1 arrival dates for students can be accomodated as end of year dates are different across CGE participating universities.) 

EXCURSIONS: Three study excursions are included each summer session.

2020 COST: (Costs are subject to change)

CGE Member School Students: $5,400.00 (12 weeks) includes $500 CGE scholarship
Non-CGE Member School Students: $6,400.00 (12 weeks)
Cost includes tuition, fees, room home stay & board (1 meal/day), excursions, and CGE insurance.  

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SHORT SUMMER I and II SESSIONS (6 weeks): Students can receive up to 6 credits for 2 Arabic language courses with traditional Arabic for writing and reading and a emphasis on Spoken Arabic. Students will begin with an assessment of Arabic skills if they have had prior Arabic training.

During the summer sessions, each student will be placed in an environment for classroom learning and speaking each day. Students will also learn about local Arabic culture, enjoy several excursions, and meet expatriates who work in the Arab world with a focus on ministries in Jordan. For students interested in refugee work, there will be an introduction to how Jordan is handling the influx of refugees and how local colleagues of CGEJordan are assisting in this international concern.


EXCURSIONS: Visit to historical sites - examples are: the Citadel and Archeological Museum, Wadi Mujib Canyon, Jerash Roman Ruins, or Petra

2020 COST for Summer I OR Summer II: (Costs are subject to change)
CGE Member School Students: $2,755.00 (6 weeks) includes $500 CGE scholarship
Non-CGE Member School Students: $3,255.00 (6 weeks)
Note: Cost includes tuition, fees, room for home stay & board (1 meal/day), excursions, and CGE insurance. 

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  • Have any questions? Check out our FAQ page. Still have questions? Send an email to and a CGE study abroad representative will respond to you as soon as possible!
  • Ready to get started? Click HERE to fill out the CGE Jordan Study Abroad Application. Please submit all documentation by April 10th and payment by MAY. 
  • If you want credit from accredited university and an official transcript that you can use at your home university, you MUST enroll for the Summer Programand send in a Transcript Application. PLEASE CALL THE CGE OFFICE - 770-321-4897.
    Want to learn more about CGE Jordan? Look no further than CGE Jordan's official website
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After you complete your CGE Jordan Study Abroad Application (above) and receive your acceptance email, you will receive an email from a CGE Study Abroad representative with a step-by-step checklist of additional documentation required, as well as payment instructions.

This includes:

  • CGE's Financial Worksheet for Study Abroad
    This worksheet can aid your university's financial aid office in determining the best way to cover the cost of the Jordan Summer Program. 
  • CGE's Scholarship -  Students from CGE Member Universities or Colleges will automatically receive a $500 scholarship, which reduces the cost of the Summer program. 
  • CGE's Code of Conduct Form
  • CGE's Release from Liability Form
    *****Please also provide a scanned copy of the front inside picture page of your valid passport. You can send this to CGE via FAX to 770-321-4910 or via email to 

  • Payment can be made via check or credit card. Please call the CGE office at 770-321-4897 to pay by credit card. Checks can be sent to:
    Consortium for Global Education
    1633 Mount Vernon Road, Ste. 200
    Atlanta, GA 30338 

    Please submit all documentation by May of the year intended for study.
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