Teach Abroad
CGE maintains a list of teaching opportunities overseas for qualified teachers and faculty. Each opportunity listed has been reviewed by CGE and has known colleagues working with that educational institution who are considered CGE partners.  
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K-12 teachers must, at minimum, have a bachelor's degree and some teaching experience in a classroom (some locations in China are now requiring 2 years of experience). Some institutions may have additional requirements depending on the level of educational programming or the need for certain specialties. For ESL teachers, a TEFL Certification is desired and the CGE TEFL Professional Certification is recognized.

Higher education teachers and faculty must have a Master's degree at a minimum and some teaching experience in a classroom. In many nations, a Ph.D., EDD, or terminal degree in the designated field is required. Additional skills needed would be specified in the request.
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CGE Teach Abroad Employment Opportunities: Take some time to browse through listed teaching opportunities current.

CGE Teach Abroad Application: If you are interested in a teaching opportunity overseas, please fill out CGE's Teach Abroad Application and email it, along with your CV, to contact@cgedu.org. A CGE Teach Abroad representative will respond to you quickly with more information.

CGE TEFL Professional Certification: This 12-course TEFL Professional Certification Course is completely online and is recognized globally. Please click to read more or call us at 770-321-4897.