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WASHINGTON & JEFFERSON COLLEGE is a four-year, residential college committed to fostering students' personal and professional success through interconnectedness, hands-on learning experiences, and individualized academic programs. With a long legacy of ethical leadership, W&J College gives students of talent and passion a place to thrive.

At W&J, students will obtain a robust, comprehensive learning experience by completing two courses of study, which could include a double major or a major/minor combination. Students can choose from among our existing 32 majors and 27 minors, ranging from traditional offerings like business, chemistry, engineering, English, and music to more interdisciplinary programs like African-American studies, biochemistry, computing & information studies, and environmental studies. New degrees include biological physics, biomedical science, conservation biology, and other physics and science degrees. We also have pre-professional programs in law and numerous areas of healthcare. And faculty and staff are here to help you choose courses of study that align with your interests and goals.

A signature component of W&J’s commitment to ethical leadership is our annual Symposium on Democracy. This week-long focus of the whole campus is highlighted by a full day of special programming replacing regular classes with presentations by internationally known scholars and leaders, as well as interactive sessions led by students and professors inviting multiple perspectives on the state of democracy in the U.S. and abroad. This tradition carries on the vision of our founders who saw the need for well-educated professionals dedicated to serving others and working for the betterment of society as responsible citizens.

The W & J Ignite Business Incubator and Co-Working Space is a 4,000 square foot facility designed to empower existing businesses and entrepreneurs to enhance the culture and sustainability of Washington County. More than providing physical space, Ignite’s programming ensures a holistic approach to a business’s future. Washington and Jefferson College’s investment in Ignite offers a curricular integration by aligning with the business and entrepreneurial studies program. 

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