CGE Certification Courses

TEFL Professional Certification     

After twenty years of experience in international education, the Consortium for Global Education (CGE) has merged expertise in overseas experience, educational methodology, content theory, cultural awareness, and English teaching practices into an online course for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).  The course provides updated skills for learners who are teaching or want to teach English in some format in the USA and overseas. The twelve lessons address the TEFL needs of English teachers, primarily in non-native English speaking nations, who want to increase their English teaching competency.

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International Business Professional Certification     

CGE is offering a professional training certification targeting international business. Many CGE partners globally know young professional contacts that want to partner with western business firms or organizations.Due the differences in business systems, structure, and terminology, often these individuals fail to be selected for positions. In response to this demand, business faculty from CGE member universities assisted in the formation of the International Business Professional Certification.  The course emphasizes creating the Business Concept in an international and cultural framework. Core concepts in the lessons include: Internationalization of Business, Engaging Cultural Foundations of Business, Opportunity Conceptualization, Creating the Market Analysis, Creating the Financial Analysis, and Conducting Global Opportunity Assessments.

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